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Topping 0160

Topping 0160
Geoff is available to take portrait, lifestyle and family photographs as well as covering larger social events.

Relaxed portrait sessions may be indoor 'studio' shots at your own home, in your garden, or outdoors at a fabulous urban, country or coastal location of your choice - we're spoilt for choice in this region! If you've never had professional photos taken, consider getting a quality reminder of you, your family or friends. A A photo session voucher makes an ideal gift for an individual or family.

Packages can be tailored to your specific needs. Please see the portrait and lifestyle photography packages section of the website for package details.

If you are hosting an event, be it a private family party or larger, public event, then capture the moment or offer guests the opportunity to be photographed in their posh gear as a way of remembering the night... see the party/events packages section.

Geoff Love